Habemus Papam!

I was watching the CNN live feed at 2PM (Eastern Time) today.  I noticed the smoke coming out of the chimney before the commentators did!  It was grayish at first, but quickly grew whiter.  I tweeted “white?” and noticed a flood of tweets appearing: “habemus papam!” “white!” “white smoke!”

The interregnum is over.  It is only a matter of minutes until we know who has ended it!

Jorge Mario Cardinal Bergoglio of Argentina has chosen the name Francis.  His episcopal motto was “miserando atque eligendo” (lowly and yet chosen), which seems quite fitting.  Let’s see if he uses it as his papal motto as well.

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  1. Interesting about how you characterize the imminence of knowing who was picked for Pope – it was quite some time (over an hour) from the time white smoke was seen (from 2 PM EDT) until we heard it was Cardinal Bergoglio, the reporters did not know either. Was there some way to get quicker scoop, did you know sooner?

    1. I wrote this post around 2:45, I think, and then edited it after the Habemus Papam announcement was made and I’d found Bergoglio’s episcopal motto. So, I didn’t know any earlier than anyone else. 🙂

      I just thought it was odd how the three commentators, who kept saying how they were keeping an eye on the smoke stack, seemed oblivious to it for a few seconds.

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