Scriptural index to the Divine Office?

Does anyone know of a Scripture index to the Divine Office? I would like to look up a Scripture verse and know if there are any hours on any days that use that verse.

The closest I’ve come is to simply search (for example) for a phrase like “1 John 2” in Google, and then comb through the results, but I imagine the Divine Office web sites out there have their information stored in a database, and it would be great to have access to such an index at a very high level.

If one does not exist, I am MORE than happy to develop one. I just need people who have access to the complete Divine Office (I only have the single volume “Christian Prayer” edition) to supply the information. 🙂

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  1. Jeff,

    It appears no one has answered you. Let me look it up , and I will give you the answer. I can assure you, that no such index is found in the Horologion.


  2. Jeff,

    There are scriptural and patristic indexes in the back of each of the four volumes of the American Liturgy of the Hours set. The 1963-64 Collegeville set has the scriptural and patristic indexes in the back of Volume III, but the 2011 Baronius reprint does not include them.

    It should be noted in regard to the Liturgy of the Hours (including the three volume British Divine Office set) that we have only year 1 of the two year cycle of biblical readings. The two year cycle is found in the Latin edition and the Spanish edition. So, consequently, they are not included in the indexes.


  3. perhaps a software like Logos’ “verbum”, which self-indexes?

    I’m assuming they make a breviary available… but now I do not see one. Any pointers?

  4. Just looking at this topic, found your discussion (thanks). Logos has reading plans in which it is possible to paste the semi-colon separated scripture references (// I’m just looking in the back of one volume of the divine office and there are about six pages of references (it just links the scripture reference to a page). Cheers JL

  5. Hello from the East side of “The Pond”. Just happened across this question. At the back of the CTS New Catholic Bible, which is the version of the Jerusalem Bible as used in the Liturgy here in UK (with the Grail Psalms included), are sets of tables covering the 3-year Sunday Mass Cycle, the 2-year weekday Mass cycle, the psalms and canticles of the 4-week Breviary cycle of the Divine Office and both the 1-year and 2-year Scripture cycles of the Office of Readings. Unfortunately there are no tables covering the Saints or the Patristic readings. The UK Divine Office only has indexes for the Psalms and Canticles but not for Scripture as in the US LOTH. PV

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